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EvoClear Salt Free Water Softener

-Remove Existing Scale & Eliminate Hard Water Build-Up
-Save Money On Appliances & Soap
-Say Good-Bye To Constant Plumbing Problems
-Environmentally Safe
-No Electricity Needed

Why Evoclear?
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Retail Price: $1,699.99

Our Price: $1,299.99


Retail Price: $1,699.99

Our Price: $1,299.99


Benefits of Salt-Free Water Softening

  • Remove Existing Scale
  • Prevent Scale Deposit
  • Naturally soft water for the entire home
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Buying no salt saves you money
  • No Harmful Chemicals Used
  • Conditions the water without a slippery feel
  • Leave Good Minerals In
  • Adds no sodium to the water
  • Remove scale
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Stop scale from building up
  • Leaves the good minerals we need
  • Stop glasses from scratching in the dishwasher
  • Installed inside or outside
  • Eliminate soap scum forming on shower doors
  • Eliminate calcium build up in appliances and from shower heads

University Studied With Proven Results

The Only Salt-Free System Re-useable For Life!

We have designed our tanks, valves and heads to last a lifetime. You will never have to replace a tank, valve or reinstall a whole new system. Once the Salt Free media inside the tanks have reached their capacity, you simply replace it with brand new media. Replacing the media is easy to do and can take less than 35 min. for any homeowner with a little bit of instruction. You simply disconnect the tank, remove the valve, dump out the expired media, refill the tank and reconnect. We sell replacement bags of media so you can order direct from us when you need it. Our systems are specifically designed to make this an easy process for every homeowner so you can constantly reuse your system for life!

When Does the Filtering Media Need Replacement?.
The Salt Free tank only needs to be replaced when you notice the reappearance of limescale (Every homeowner is different and can be anywhere from 10+Years)

Free 4 Pack of Sediment Pre-Filters!

With each salt free water softener/conditioner we send out 4 free sediment pre filters.  The sediment filters go inside the big blue housing unit before the system to remove sediment, rust, silt and debris.  This allows the salt free media inside the large tanks to focus on its job in treating hard water.  The kit comes with a mount and wrench to make replacing easy and should only take a minute to do.  We recommend replacing the sediment pre filter every 8-10 months.  Regular replacing will greatly extend the life of the media and its performance. 

How does it work?

We use one of the only tested and certified salt free anti scale medias on the market today.  It is certified by the WAQ and NSF.  The process is known as seed crystallization or TAC.  Hard water (calcium and magnesium) is transformed into microscopic nano crystals that are suspended in the process.  Thus hard water is unable to form scale or lime scale deposits while it travels through your home.  The result is scale free faucets, pipes, shower heads and appliances.  Any existing scale is slowly removed in a few weeks and the system keeps any scale from forming.  There is no sodium or adverse health effects added to the water in the process.  The process was recently tested by the Arizona State University and found a much better success rate than any other type of salt free scale control technique.

How long does the media last?

The salt free anti scale media has a life expectancy of anywhere from 10-15 plus years.  The life depends on hardness, quality of water and regular changing of the sediment pre filter.  When the media has expired and you notice the reappearance of lime scale simply order replacement media and reuse the existing large mineral tank.  No need for an entire new system!

A healthier Home and a Healthier You!


Most health professionals agree that high levels of sodium can have a negative health impact which can lead to higher blood pressure and puts a heavy burden on your heart and blood vessels.  We believe that adding sodium to the water supply by a traditional salt water softener is not healthy.  Most homes that have a salt based system will have a Reverse Osmosis system for drinking water to remove excess sodium.  Unfortunately a RO system also removes vital minerals in water we need.   With our salt free system you also do not get the slimy/slippery feeling you get with salt based system.

Salt based water softeners also have recently been under constant watch by local officials.  Many counties are greatly restricting or banning salt based systems for their negative environmental impact.  The excess sodium finds its way into local fresh water supply and is extremely difficult to remove, thus creating havoc for local farmers and agriculture.  



No Electricity or Water Waste

The EvoClear salt free system also uses no electricity and wastes zero water unlike traditional salt based systems.  Because of our simple in/out design there is no need for extra drains or a close outlet to use electricity.  Salt systems can cost hundreds of dollars a year to run with higher electricity and water bills.  A salt system can backwash and waste hundreds of gallons of water a week. 


Don’t salt systems save money on soap and detergents?

Yes but No!  Salt based systems do help suds form from soap and lather better during showers. They also might help save a few bucks from detergents in the washer.   But any savings you might see from this are quickly lost when you take into account money spent on salt, wasted gallons of water through backwash, electrical use and constant maintenance expenses as they are tiresomely unreliable.  Any savings you think you might get from a salt based system are quickly lost.  It is a great myth that salt softeners will save you money, and in the end not worth the headache and hassle.

Our systems are virtually maintenance and problem free