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EvoClear Filter/Salt-Free Softener Combo

Say good-bye to hard water & other harmful contaminants as this system will take care of both at the same time. A combination of our best selling Salt-Free Water Softener & our Whole House Carbon Filter, this system will provide the cleanest & softest water you and your family have ever had and can easily be installed by a handyman or a local plumber.  Our smallest system is 12 GPM  and uses 1 Full Cubic Foot of carbon vs. other systems only using 3/4 of a cubic foot 10GPM.  Our 15 GPM rated for homes over 4 Baths contains 1.5 CF of  high grade coconut shell carbon

We also use more salt free WQA certified media than ANY competitors systems. Our systems cannot be beat!

Why Evoclear?
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Retail Price: $2,539.99

Our Price: $1,899.99


Retail Price: $2,539.99

Our Price: $1,899.99


The Combo System Will:

  • Remove Contaminants
  • Remove Scale Buildup
  • Prevent Future Hard Water Buildup
  • Save You Money On Soap, Plumbing Problems, Bottled Water & More!
  • Provide Your Family With
    The CLEANEST Drinking Water
    At Every Tap!

Why Go With The EvoClear Combo System:

  • One Of The Most Inexpensive Combo Systems On The Market
  • Lifetime Warranties That Cannot Be Beat
  • Lifetime Support
  • 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • The ONLY Way To Enjoy The Softest & Cleanest Water At Every Tap

We Use Only The BEST Media!

EvoClear Water uses the finest blends of carbon to achieve the best possible water quality and water taste. By blending our carbon, we are able to remove more contaminates than those that only use one type of carbon.

Our coconut shell carbon is the finest available and produced to achieve high. Microporous surfaces thus increasing the overall surface area for better filtration.

The Only Filtration System Reusable For Life!

We have designed our tanks, valves and heads to last a lifetime. You will never have to replace a tank, valve or reinstall a whole new system. Once the filtering media inside the tanks have reached their capacity, you simply replace it with brand new media. Replacing the media is easy to do and can take less than 35 min. for any homeowner with a little bit of instruction. You simply disconnect the tank, remove the valve, dump out the expired media, refill the tank and reconnect.

We sell replacement bags of media so you can order direct from us when you need it. Our systems are specifically designed to make this an easy process for every homeowner so you can constantly reuse your system for life!

Who Needs Bottled Water When
Your Your Combo System Will Remove:

  • Chloramine
  • Chlorine
  • Bad Taste
  • Odor
  • VOCs
  • SOCs
  • Pesticides
  • Herbicides
  • Industrial Solvents

Enjoy The Softest Water
You've EVER Had!

  • Remove scale
  • Stop scale from building up
  • top glasses from scratching in
    the dishwasher
  • Eliminate soap scum forming on
    shower doors
  • Eliminate calcium build up in
    appliances and from shower

Can It Be That Easy??
Yes... It Can & Is!

  • No Maintenance
  • No Salt
  • No Back washing
  • No Drain
  • No Electricity

Why Carbon Filtration Over RO, Faucet Filters
and Shower Filters?

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is very effective at removing the majority of water elements. Unfortunately, it is so highly filtered it strips the water from healthy or organic minerals we need. Some have suggested that RO systems for drinking water is too highly filtered and creates an imbalance in our immune system. Carbon filtration leaves calcium and other beneficial minerals while taking out chlorine, chloramine and other harmful contaminants. Carbon does not take out bacteria, but all city water is treated for bacteria at the municipal water district. GAC or granular activated carbon, is the best solution for quality water. And with a EvoClear Water Whole House Carbon Filter System, you get that quality over your entire home.

EvoClear Water is the only true solution for those
worried about chlorinated water.

It is a complete whole house solution for you and your family. Shower filters do not provide the full protection against chlorine and particularly chloramine. Shower or faucet filters do not carry the capacity to fully filter out chlorine for any long periods of time. The constant hassle or changing filters is not worth it. Most shower or faucet filters will need a replacement filter ever couple of months to keep up with the filtration. The EvoClear Water Whole House Carbon Filter System will greatly enhance your water quality. You will taste and feel the difference of water filtered by EvoClear Water.

What Makes EvoClear Water Different?

One of the biggest differences between EvoClear Water and other carbon filters is that we blend media together based off the shipping address. This is a small but hugely important aspect that ensures that you are getting exactly what you need. When we send out our carbon tanks, we pull up the city water report to see what is in it. Based off this, we will custom make the best system for you and your family.

The major reason we do this is to see if there is any level of chloramine in your water. Chloramine is a combination of chlorine and ammonia and is used to kill bi-products produced by chlorine. Chloramine has been proven to be harmful to our health, even more so than chlorine. We use catalytic carbon when chloramine is present which the proper way to address the issues.

Salt Is A Thing Of The Past!

The EvoClear Combo System is a 100% environmentally focused system that works better than any salt system, while preserving our environment. The EvoClear team of water experts made the SMART decision to NOT SELL ANY SALT SYSTEMS WHAT SO EVER. We believe in keeping our environment safe and this is our vision and our focus.

We also believe in preserving essential minerals that normal salt softeners take out. By using the EvoClear Salt-Free System, you will get all the VITAL minerals that are needed to maintain a healthy balanced diet, while also softening your water.

Good Minerals In.. Bad
Minerals Out

The EvoClear Combo system utilizes the most environmentally friendly water softening technology. The system is able to eliminate the use of salt or harmful brine that is discharged into the environment in order to soften the water.

EvoClear advanced salt-free water softening and conditioning technology leaves the beneficial minerals in your water and keeps the pH balanced. According to a recent World Health Organization (WHO) study on the health risks of drinking chemically softened and/or de-mineralized water, it was concluded that calcium and magnesium are essential minerals for your body.


The EvoClear Water Combo System uses an up-flow design and does not waste any water while treating the water for your entire home. Most other whole house carbon filters require regular back wash to clean out the media.

During backwash, water is transferred through the media to clean out impurities or contaminants that are left behind. This process is required at least once a week and wastes hundreds of gallons per backwash. Our carbon filters use an up-flow design that does not require any backwash and wastes zero water. It not only helps to conserve water, but is much more efficient for you and the environment.

No Electricity

The EvoClear Water Combo System eliminates the need for an electronic head for backwashing because of its up-flow design. Our system does not require electricity. Other whole house carbon filters require electricity for backwashing. This would require a close outlet and more maintenance as well as wasted electricity.

Our systems require no electricity or power hookups filtering the water. EvoClear systems maintain themselves. Go with our systems and save your water and electricity!